Preferably email your paper (as an attachment) to the editor. Papers should be submitted in Microsoft Word or as a pdf, provided the attached version has all author identifying information removed.

All papers are subject to a double blind refereeing process overseen by the editor. Every effort will be made to ensure speedy exposition of this process which is why submission via email is encouraged. It is expected that the refereeing process will be shorter than for paper based journals and articles will be published within a few days of final acceptance.

Authors are expected to be aware of current literature on replication/extension/empirical generalisations and for their papers to reflect this. Authors are also asked to be EXPLICIT in the contribution of the paper to the development of empirically generalised knowledge. Not specifically addressing this can be grounds for rejection.

EMPGENS will also not publish manuscripts that have be submitted to, accepted by, or published in other journals or made publically available by other means.

EMPGENS does not copyright articles it publishes. Authors may copyright their own material by putting the Copyright symbol "(c)" on your article along with the first date of publication and your name (see example at the bottom of this web page). For detailed information about US copyright law check Authors publishing in the Journal of Empirical Generalisations in Marketing Science agree to allow readers to make unlimited free copies of their work for academic purposes with appropriate acknowledgment. Any other use requires the written permission of the author(s).

Important note:

Before submitting please download the article review form, so you know what criteria your paper will be assessed on. Click here to download the article review form.