EMPGENS is a specialist journal that publishes:

  • replication and extension research
  • critical reviews of previous research (single studies or streams of research)
  • meta-analyses
  • commentaries on scientific development and philosophy of marketing science

The editor of EMPGENS is John Dawes, and refereeing of the articles is conducted by members of the Editorial Board who also advise the editor. The Editorial Board consists of leading marketing scientists from around the world, all of whom have an interest in the development of empirical generalisations and scientific theory.

Please note, over 80% of submissions to EMPGENS are desk-rejected because they do not fit the scope of the journal.  Please don’t submit a paper unless it is one of the four types listed above.   A replication study means the study is explicitly positioned as replication, not simply referring to certain similar studies conducted previously.
You can submit via email to:
but please check your paper fits the scope of the journal before submitting. 

Please ALSO note that EMPGENS will NOT consider for review articles that have a primary focus on modelling latent mental constructs presuming that certain of these constructs ’causes,’ ‘drives,’ or ‘influences’ others.  For example a study that uses cross-sectional survey data to see if Trust, Need for Belonging and Perceived Empathy ’causes’ higher Loyalty and Recommendation would not be reviewed.  It is the editorial view that causal inferences about latent constructs cannot be meaningfully analysed using cross sectional survey data because it will be subject to response bias, common method variance (and probably omitted variable bias, by not including past behavior).  

Articles published in EMPGENS are available to be downloaded and read free of charge. A full listing of articles is available here.