Guidelines For Contributors

The Journal of Empirical Generalisations in Marketing Science publishes articles on any of the following topics:

Consumer Behaviour
Concerning the description, explanation and prediction of buying behaviour, the further development and testing of generalised laws in this area, building on established models such as the NBD-Dirichlet Model of Buying behaviour.

Mainly concerning the description, explanation and prediction of marketplace reaction to stimuli, as well as the replication and extension of existing studies.

Marketing Metrics
Research that identifies important metrics for marketing, and the context for interpretation.

Strategic Marketing
Mainly theories concerning segmentation and targeting, the analysis of markets and selection of customers, the generalisability and usefulness of segmentation techniques.

Concerning the description, explanation and prediction of financial performance differentials between firms.

Research Methodology
Concerning the development of measurement tools and approaches for marketing science research.


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but please check your paper fits the scope of the journal before submitting.