Volume 20 (2020)


Past research on triple jeopardy patterns in the context of store choice has shown contradictory results. This paper extended the research into an online retail environment and examined the jeopardy patterns using data regarding online purchases made exclusively via apps in China. While a clear double jeopardy pattern was found, no triple jeopardy effect was observed, with average expenditures and average categories per visit used as metrics. However, our data revealed a new jeopardy pattern, namely that a smaller retailer brand suffers from a smaller number of categories purchased per customer as well. This resonates with the growth strategies of some retail brands that have achieved significant increases in revenue by expanding their category coverage.


(2020), "An Investigation of Triple Jeopardy Patterns in E-Store Choice", Journal of Empirical Generalisations in Marketing Science, Vol. 20, No. 3


double jeopardy, e-retail, Marketing Metrics, Repeat Purchase, triple jeopardy