Volume 20 (2020)


Alexander Josiassen (2011) initiated research on the consumer disidentification (CDI). More specifically, in his investigation of 2nd generation Turks in the Netherlands, he introduced the concept of acculturation as an antecedent to consumer disidentification among this ethnic group.  Josiassen's study showed that acculturation negatively affects CDI. The present replication research among American 2nd generation US immigrants confirmed Josiassen’s findings with respect to CDI.  It also confirmed his findings that acculturation positively affects consumer ethnocentrism (CET). In elaborating his model, the US study found that (a) national disidentification (NDI) is inversely predictive of  acculturation, and (b) acculturation is negatively predictive of consumer xenocentrism (XEN). Replication of the Netherland CDI model in the U.S. results in an acceptable measurement fit and structural fit.


Prince, M and Kwak, L (2020), "Cultural Adaptation and Consumer Disidentification in the US", Journal of Empirical Generalisations in Marketing Science, Vol. 20, No. 2


consumer disidentification, cross-cultural, ethnocentrism, national disidentification, xenocentrism