Volume 6 (2001)


Recently, Klein, Ettenson and Morris showed that the country of origin and animosity toward a (previously or current) 'enemy' nation affect purchase behavior of foreign products independent of each other. To assess the generalizability of this model, an empirical test of this model was done in the context of Korea. The findings show (1) that animosity is negatively associated with willingness to buy while country of origin (i.e. favourable product quality judgements) is positively associated with willingness to buy and (2) that the animosity and country of origin relationships with purchase intention are independent of each other. Thus, it seems that the animosity model generally works in Korea. Managerial implications are also discussed briefly.

This research was financially supported by Hansung University.


Shin, M (2001), "The Animosity Model of Foreign Product Purchase Revisited: Does It Work in Korea?", Journal of Empirical Generalisations in Marketing Science, Vol. 6, No. 1